ASWA turns 14

ASWA turns 14 years in 2023, we will celebrate the birth of our beloved movement by undertaking an intense campaign to amplify the voices of sex workers, raise visibility and advocate for the human dignity of diverse community of sex workers working and living in Africa.

To kick off, we start with sharing the impact quotes from all the eighteen graduates of first and second Africa Leadership Sex workers Academy (ALESWA) on our website, social media and all other communication channels.

Read some of our achievements here:

Read about our projects here:

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ASWA Branding message

  1. The outstanding sex worker-led movement in amplifying sex workers’ voice in Africa
  2. The exceptional champions in advocating for human dignity of diverse sex workers in Africa
  3. The leading sex worker-led network advocating for the recognition of sex work as work.
  4. The distinguished sex worker-led movement advocating for sex work to be protected as work.
  5. The Principal sex worker-led network in raising the visibility of sex workers in Africa.

To mark #ASWAat14,please send us your quotes,messages,pictures or videos highlighting how you have been impacted by ASWA and we will share them on our communication channels.

Additionally join our #ASWAat14 campaign by sharing our achievements, milestone and impact through tweets, retweets, Facebook posts and other social networks or through other communication channels.

Our hashtags: #ASWAMilestones, #ASWAImpact, #ALESWA, #1stALESWA, #2ndALESWA. #Visibility,#ASWABrand, #ALESWAImpact,#SWAA.

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