Registration for ICASA Key Populations Pre-conference Extended

The African Key Populations Network is pleased to announce a call for registration for participation in its Key Populations Pre-Conference at the International AIDS and STIs in Africa (ICASA) in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire.

The Pre-Conference at this year’s ICASA focuses on Young KPs and is dubbed: ‘Onto the African Map: Youth Key Populations and HIV.’ Goals The YKPs Pre-Conference sets to achieve four primary objectives:

  • Raise awareness and deepen understanding about the particular vulnerabilities to HIV infection of YKPs; • Take stock of and critically review the extent to and ways in which African governments have included YKPs in HIV prevention programmes
  • Understand and reflect on opportunities for interventions to address the attitudes and knowledge of YKPs on HIV vulnerabilities, prevention services and treatment services for them, and on ways in which to better manage this, taking into cognisance existing law and policy frameworks
  • Audit the implementation of the WHO/UNAIDS new guidelines for prevention and treatment especially, interrogating the ‘enabling environment element’

Deadline: Nov 24, 2017.

All Registration materials should be sent to

The network brings together ASWA, AMSHeR, CAL and SAT*F.

African Alliance of Sex Workers (ASWA) ASWA is the Pan African Alliance of sex worker led groups. ASWA’s Vision is to see a world where sex work is recognised as work in Africa, and where the health and human rights of all sex workers living and working in Africa are protected.

African Men for Sexual Health and Rights (AMSHeR) AMSHeR is a Pan-African coalition of MSM and LGBT-led organisations, working to promote non-discrimination, particularly based on sexual orientation and gender identity and Expression (SOGIE) and advances access to quality health services for MSM/LGBT in Africa.

Coalition of African Lesbians (CAL) CAL is a feminist, activist and pan Africanist Network of 14 organisations in 11 Countries in sub-Saharan Africa committed to advancing freedom, justice and bodily autonomy for all women on the African Continent and beyond. Southern Africa Trans* Forum (SAT*F).

The Southern Africa Trans* Forum (SAT*F) a collective of over 12 Transgender focussed and led organisations based in Southern Africa from over 8 Countries that aim to advance regional advocacy efforts on trans* persons in the sub-region through a collaborative advocacy strategy.

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