Sex Worker Pride 2020

Sex Worker Pride 2020

In 2019, ASWA’s main partner NSWP inaugurated Sex Workers Pride which is held on 14th September annually to showcase sex workers’ own ability to self-organize and also foster recognition and inclusion in all health and rights response. It also depicts the gains which have been accomplished by the sex workers as well as the sex workers organisations.

Sex Worker Pride is a moment to salute sex workers even as they narrate their own experiences and lessons in their journey in sex work movement.

It’s a moment to share sex workers’ memorable experiences which are also scalable. They could be in writings, videos, pictures, or any other form which is convenient. This would assist the sex workers’ movement to document all sex workers’ struggles and gains, and archive them for future reference.

It’s also a moment of being creative in commemorating the Sex Worker Pride. This could consist of arranging events within our area or online actions to share experiences with sex workers around the Africa.

The other sex workers’ days that are celebrated are International Sex Workers’ Rights Day held in 3rd March, International Sex Workers’ Day on 2nd June and International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers on 17th December.

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