Sex Workers Murder Monitoring Tool

ASWA has developed a sex workers’ murder monitoring tool for mapping murders and other violence cases against sex workers in Africa.The Sex Workers’ Murder Monitoring Tool was initiated in order to systematically monitor, collect and analyse reports of murders (homicides) and violence against sex workers in our continent.

There is lack of sufficient, consolidated, verified and analysed data on a single report on violence against sex workers in Africa.Updates of the preliminary results will be published on our website two to three times a year.ASWA will be providing a special update of the Sex Workers’ Murder Monitoring results during the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers on 17 December of every year so as to assist activists in Africa in raising public awareness of hate violence against sex workers in Africa.

The results will also be presented for a data-driven advocacy for policy shift, change of punitive laws, practices and enactments against sex work.

This advocacy tool can be accessed on ASWA’s website:

Mobile phone Application

The Sex Workers’ Murder Monitoring Tool can also be accessed on your mobile phones.

  1. Go to playstore, download USHAHIDI on your mobile phone.
  2. On the top left, click the 3 white bars, click ‘Add Deployment’ and type the following


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