Thank You Note to ASWA’s Founding Members

This year we mark the 14th year since African Sex Workers Alliance (ASWA) was formed. We are thankful to all our Founding members. The sex workers movement exist and prosper today because 14 years ago they beat all the odds, rose above all challenges and in the process created what we are- the most outstanding sex worker-led movement in amplifying sex workers’ voice in Africa. 

We are thankful for their efforts for we live in some countries which guarantee sex workers’ right to health like in Kenya where sex workers have been meaningfully engaged in formulating Kenya’s National HIV framework, In South Africa, the Cabinet on 8 December 2022, approved the submission of the Criminal Law (Sexual Offences and Related Matters) Amendment Bill, 2022 to decriminalize sex work in South Africa for public comment.

We recognize their expert skills, knowledge, high-level advocacy and struggle that ensures sex workers enjoy the freedom and opportunity to thrive and that our movement remains intact. Who and where we are as a movement, we owe to the bravery and sacrifice of our Founding Members.

They are an inspiration to us all! Their outstanding advocacy helped push up our movement to greater heights.

The following is a short list of ASWA’s founding members from the 8 countries.
  1.   Kenya -Peninah Mwangi, Daughtie Ogutu, Phelister Abdalla, John Mathenge
  2.   Uganda -Nakato Daisy, Kyoma Macklean,
  3.   Mozambique -Laila Matshine and Sandra 
  4.   Zimbabwe -Patience Nkomo (Deceased) and Sihle Sibanda
  5.   Namibia -Mama Africa (Nikodemus Aoxamub), Nelson Goagoses and Scholastic Goagoses
  6.  Botswana -Tosh Beka
  7.  South Africa -Sisonke; Kholi Buthelezi, SWEAT: Eric Harper, Sally Shackleton

  8. Nigeria -Pat Abraham

Kenya: Phelister Abdalla
Kenya: John Mathenge
Mozambique: Laila Matshine
Nigeria: Pat Abraham

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