Webinar on developing a strategy against the anti-rights movement in Africa

There is a recent emergence of bold anti-rights movement resulting to anti-LGBTQ+ law passed in Uganda, anti-LGBTQ+ bills made in Kenya and Ghana, sexual offences bill (which mainly targets and criminalises sex workers) being reintroduced in Uganda and the anti-bodily autonomy including anti-safe abortion activities. These anti-rights activities have a negative outcome on the lives and the health of sex workers and LGBTQ+ community.  

Guided by ASWA’s Strategic Objective 4 which is to strengthen the capacity for an adaptive and responsive coordinating mechanism for the realization of the rights of sex worker’s in their diversity in Africa,this is therefore to invite you to a webinar on 10th July 2023, from 12:00-14:00 East Africa Time.

We will be joined by seasoned panelists from global organisations which include Global Fund, VIIV Health Care and KELIN. The panelists will describe the emergence of the bold anti-rights movement and its effects on sex workers, LGBTQ+ and health and how we can forge a more inclusive and strategic responsive to counter the anti-rights activities.  

Sex workers leaders led by ASWA’s Regional Coordinator Grace Kamau, will also share the lessons learned and experiences countering the growing anti-rights movement across the region.

Please join us for this vital conversation on how we can foster a collective solidarity to brainstorm and develop a strategy against the anti-rights movement that is increasingly becoming emboldened in Africa.

Please share widely with your networks and social media.

Our Hashtag will be #strategyagainstantirights

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